Team Tennis

Playing in the Derby Area League summer matches

  • Each team consists of six players (three pairs) and each pair plays three sets: one against each pair from the opposition.
  • Each set is to nine games with a tie-break at eight all if necessary.
  • Match balls are provided by the club and then go on sale via James (coach).
  • There are normally seven matches to be played by each team in a given season
  • Three or four of these will be played away at the opposing club. The remainder will be home matches.
  • Car-pooling is organised by the captain of each team for the away matches.
Mixed thirds
  • All weekday matches start at 6.30pm promptly – games can be deducted for a late arrival. More information about match etiquette is available to download.
  • If bad weather is likely to prevent play (or further play once the match has started) it is the decision of the team captains to rearrange.
  • Refreshments are organised by the captain of each team for home matches. For example, it is usual to provide a tea of cheese and/or pâté  salad, bread, cakes, fruit and tea and squash to drink.
  • Match fees are payable for home AND away matches, collected by the team captain.

The main thing to remember is to have fun!

Team captains: Men - James Grindell  Ladies - Sally Hargreaves, Amanda Heath, Louise Walker