The club has a small, but well-equipped gym which has recently been remodelled. It is a relaxed friendly place where users can exercise at their own pace without feeling intimidated. The gym is on the ground floor beyond courts 3-5.

New equipment selected by a team of gym enthusiasts and a sports physiotherapist now offers users access to the latest methods of functional fitness training.

The aim has been to give users of all abilities  the chance to improve their general fitness, strength and flexibility.

Players of all sports can also use the equipment to develop the specific capabilities they need - as well as for rehabilitation when recovering from injury.

The gym is open to members age 16 and over or 12 to 16 year-olds accompanied by a parent/trainer.

Cybex + weights
Drax machines

The gym offers excellent value for money. Existing tennis, squash and racquet ball members pay a small charge per session. However, a gym-only membership is available for those not wishing to use the court facilities, while the all-inclusive package allows unlimited use for a monthly fee and is great value for regular users. 

An induction is available to show how to use the equipment safely and effectively. Inductions last up to an hour depending on previous experience and may be arranged on completion of the membership process.


For more information about gym only or all-inclusive membership, please see our Joining page or e-mail the gym manager at  [email protected].

Gym bookings are made via the online booking system.



Strength and functional training

  • Cybex multi-gym  
  • Drax dip/chin assist machine,
  • Drax leg press
  • Range of free weights

Cardio machines

  • Treadmill
  • X-trainer
  • Spin bikes
  • Rowing machine

More information on the best use of each piece of equipment together with helpful You Tube links is available.

Spin bikes