Club Championships 2011

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Some interesting facts about this year's finals

  • There were three parent and child finalists: Caroline & Oliver Wood; Matt & Archie Harrison; Nick & Harry Wharam.
  • All 3 of the parents have played at the club for many years, and this year the parents were in one final and the juniors in one of the Mini finals.
  • Oli Storr and Finn Johnson were in 3 finals
  • Dave Dawkins, Ashley Broomhead, Steve Amey, Judith Buckley and Jack Killip were all in 2 finals.

Finalists (with winners in bold)

U-12 Singles - Oli Storr v. Finn Johnson

U-12 doubles - Oli Storr & Finn Johnson v. Patrick Hewitt & Alex Slade Walker

U-14 Singles - Oli Storr v. Finn Johnson

U-18 Singles - Jack Killip v. James Edge

U-18 Doubles - Jack Killip & George Collier v. Toby Garner & Kieran Hewitt

Mini Tots - Oliver Wood v. Harry Wharam

Mini Red - Archie Harrison v. Max Bond

Mini Green - Rhodri Waters v. Oli Bailey

Ladies' Singles - Caroline Wood v. Judith Buckley

Ladies' Doubles - Jenny Knibbs & Liz Harris v. Judith Buckley & Aileen Hammersley

Mixed Doubles - Steve Amey & Ginny Gandola-Gray v. Ashley Broomhead & Vikki Fitt

Men's Singles - Chris Beastall v. Hudson Oakenfull

Men's Doubles - Ashley Broomhead & Simon Thornewill v. Steve Amey & Nick Wharam

Men's Over-35 Doubles - Dave Dawkins & Jonathan Baines v. James Russell & Matt Harrison

Men's Over-55 Doubles - Dave Dawkins & Fred Green v. Martin Pearson & John Beecroft.