Gym 1-001The club has a small, but well-equipped gym, available for use by members at a cost of £1.50 per session.

Tennis members who wish to use the gym should contact to arrange an induction and so that their names can be added to the system. Whilst gym use is included in the package for tennis members, a gym-only category is available for those not wishing to use the court facilities.

The gym, which is unsupervised, provides a relaxed, friendly space where people can exercise at their own pace without feeling intimidated by super-fit fellow users. It is used by a wide variety of people of different age groups, although the minimum age is 16. Gym bookings are made via the Squash Club booking system. Further information is available on the Gym page of the Squash club website.

Surveys were recently carried out to obtain the views of our members on the gym facilities provided. A Key Messages document provides a summary of the findings. More detailed analysis of the Gym User Survey and the Non-user Survey is also available. Many thanks to all members who participated.